Get started with user insights with the help of Ruigrok NetPanel!

In a workshop we will:

  1. Go through the double diamond for your specific situation. Where are you in the design process? What are questions you have for your users? What kind of insights do you need?
  2. Explore the possibilities of existing data sources and user insights. What can you learn from these sources? What extra information do you need? What is the best way to gain these insights?
  3. Set up a research approach that you can execute yourself, or we can execute for you. Including criteria for participant selection, topic list and specifications for your prototype.

At the end of the workshop you will have a solid research plan to gather your user insights!

  • Workshop of 1,5 hours at your office or the office of Ruigrok NetPanel
  • Two experienced researchers from Ruigrok NetPanel
  • Up to 4 participants from your design team

€500, excluding btw.

This offer is valid till December 12th 2019.